Eating in isolation

I, like many out there, have been spending most of my time at home, and will continue to do so. Recently, I've started to feel differently about my daily meals. What once filled me with anticipation and excitement - meal planning, cooking, the unexpected trips to the shop, the possibility of eating out, or together with friends - are either not possible now, or just don't feel the same anymore. Simply put, things have changed between me and food, and I want to understand more about it.

I want to learn more about how people are coping with their current and future eating situation, and put together a zine to document it. Has eating changed for you? If so, how? Do you relate to food differently? How are you coping with the current grocery shopping situation? What new recipes have you tried? Are you eating alone, or always with others? Do you wish you were eating alone, or with others? How have ingredient shortages changed your eating/cooking?

I'm looking for submissions of any kind - text, photos, drawings, illustrated or written recipes, lists, and whatever else can be put in an online publication. Send your submissions, which can be anonymous, until mid-April (I'm flexible on this deadline). By the end of April, I'll put together everything I get into a digital publication, using FLOSS tools as much as possible, and share it virtually. Until we meet again.